Our Story

Naina Madan, the founder of Madn, lives by the uplifting motto "Be Bold, Be Bright, Be You." She created Madn as a sanctuary to celebrate individual brilliance in a world often clouded by negativity. Rejecting societal pressure to conform, she believes in defining one's own normalcy.

At Madn, Naina and her team craft customizable tea blends, designed for functionality, to support each customer's unique needs. Embrace your true self over a comforting cup of tea, and join us in celebrating your unique journey.

Functional Elixirs

Madn tea is lovingly handcrafted from generations-old family recipes. Using premium ingredients, our Elixir blends are meticulously formulated to nurture the mind, body, and soul, offering a natural path to wellness.

The Elixir collection was inspired by the cherished memories of Naina's childhood. Her mother would lovingly blend herbs and spices together with other natural medicinal ingredients like honey or agave to comfort her in times where she was ill, sad, or in need of an energy boost. These special drinks, were like magical elixirs that would heal and soothe any discomfort Naina experienced as a child.

Today, Naina wants to share these functional elixirs with you, inviting everyone to discover the healing power of tea, herbs, and spices.

Natural Healing

At Madn, our mission is to bring you functional, natural methods to boost your well-being from the inside out, all within the comfort of your home. We believe tea is a moment of joy, to be shared with family, friends, and even our pets. We invite you to savor every moment and sip with gratitude, embracing the goodness of life in each cup.

The Ritual of Chai

Our chai collection pays homage to shared heritage and tradition through carefully crafted blends inspired by family recipes passed down through generations. Offering a diverse range of tea, each blend holds a memory from Naina's life.

In India, chai is about fostering connection and creating moments of warmth and togetherness. Just as chai has been a catalyst for meaningful conversations in our family, we hope to bring that same sense of belonging into your daily rituals. Whether enjoyed alone or shared with loved ones, our teas invite you to embrace solace, peace, and rejuvenation in each sip.

  • Reuse

    We recycle packaging and purchase high-quality boxes that are reusable with refill bags.

  • Reduce

    We are striving for full biodegradability in our tea bags and are halfway there. We encourage our customers buy loose leaf tea and use strainers as teabags contain plastic fibres.

  • Recycle

    We value good quality over quantity. However, when certain blends cannot be used or ingredients go out of date we send them to The Heart Project for recycling!

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Many tea bags contain non-biodegradable microplastics that can seep into your tea when exposed to hot water. Opt for loose leaf tea to enjoy a purer, plastic-free experience. Additionally, some tea bags undergo a bleaching process with chemicals like chlorine, raising concerns about potential health impacts.

The essence of loose leaf

Loose leaf tea, untouched by such processes, ensures a natural and pristine infusion. By embracing loose leaf tea, you also make an eco-friendly choice, contributing to sustainability with minimal packaging and reduced waste.

Tea, with its centuries-old tradition and healthful reputation, has become an integral part of cultures around the globe. Yet, the brewing debate between tea bags and loose leaf tea is a crucial consideration often overlooked by many tea enthusiasts. By choosing loose leaf tea, you align with both your well-being and the true essence of tea itself.

Bio & Organic

Our teas are certified organic, ensuring they are free from harmful pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, and GMOs.