Collection: Ice Tea

Our Ice Tea Collection has the perfect summer blends when your in need of a refreshing cold drink rich in antioxidants and other health benefits.

Ice Tea
  • Yerba

    Vitalizing & energizing

  • Blue tea

    Refreshing & antioxidant rich

  • Rooibos

    Soothing & sweet

  • Verbena


  • Orange Peel

    Citrusy & vitamin rich

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  • Boosts energy

    Our energy boosting ice teas offer a sustained surge of natural energy, keeping you fueled and focused from sunrise to sunset. Embrace productivity and vitality as these blends empower you to thrive with even on the hardest of days.

  • Improves focus

    Infused with ingredients that help sharpen your mind and enhance concentration with our focus-improving blend. Our ice tea's support cognitive function and mental agility.

  • Reduces stress

    Release tension and embrace serenity as these blends work to gently calm the body and promote relaxation, empowering you to navigate life with a sense of calm and clarity.

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Crescent Moon

From the Upward Salute pose, reach up to the sky and gently bend to one side. Fell into the stretch as you lengthen the opposite side of your rib cage.

This pose stretches your rib cage, arms, and torso while giving your oblique muscles a gentle tone.